Lead Guitar

It all began innocently enough in Junior High School in Shreveport w/ the Mysts of Tyme (Steve's first gig on lead guitar – not his first time misspelling words). From there he moved on w/ Ula Teat (don't ask) and after college hooked up w/ Shreveport's own Pink Piggy Band. Their claim to fame was a climatic outdoor gig at Veterans Park Amphitheater shortly before it burned down. The good news (or bad news depending on your point of view) is the event was captured on tape and available on CD – "PPB – Live Ham". The tapes from their extremely progressive experimental studio effort "Pork This!" subtitled "The Pink Album" have never seen the light of day.

After a move to Texas you may have seen Steve playing for loose change in the Dallas Subway. His sign "Spare Change – Who am I kidding? – I'm gonna buy Beer!" probably brought in more money w/ it's honesty than his musical talent.

Call it fate, call it kismet, call it Alice but in 1997 Steve hooked up w/ the rock n roll kamikaze express called haggis. The details are fuzzy but a free bar tab was involved. While there Steve ably assisted in the demise of such clubs as Weasels, The Step Ladr, and The Velvet E.   haggis evolved into Shig Shag, which had a strong 8-year run.   

Steve has played with a variety of other bands in the past few years, including Bebe Le Strange and Valley Girl.