Bass & Vocals

Brad started out as a child, but moved quickly into adulthood, where he has remained for some untold number of years. In High School, Brad began his rock n’ roll career playing in bands like Rayne and Fyre and numerous other combos that didn’t try to find a hip way to throw a “y” in the name. Back then he was playing songs by the Doors, The Stones and the Beatles, little did he know how those days would come back to haunt him.

In college he formed an all original band named “Ralph Zackowitz”. Not sure what had been smoked when they came up with that name. Brad wrote original music, sang and played bass in this band for 7 years. The underground Dallas rag, “Notes From the Underground”, deemed Ralph Zackowitz the next super group… they were wrong. Ralph Zackowitz’s biggest accomplishment, besides being the house band at the Kosmic Kitchen in Denton Texas, was it’s invitation to play at the Gatlin Creek Pop Festival in the Hill Country in 1970. Here the band opened for Trapeze (warm up band for the Moody Blues) and also on the concert stage were Freddie King, Bob Seeger, Captain Beefheart, Mitch Ryder, Fog Hat and Bo Diddley… Moody Blues were under contract but pulled out at the last minute. And of course there were those two years in a row that RZ played for the New Years Eve party at the Mars Bar, a gay club on Henderson… he still wonders what they were thinking

And then there was the time Brad was backstage with Michael Jackson… but he wasn’t young enough to reap the financial benefits of litigation. In 1992 Brad returned to live music, but with a big twist… he played bass in a band called The Cheese that included Sara Hickman. This band did only original music… which is not a bad thing, most super groups do all original music… but The Cheese had to make up new original songs every night they played and for the entire set. There was another rule in the band… you were NOT allowed to practice… every show had to be totally impromptu. It was an interesting 3 years. When that ended, Brad thought his musical career was over… but NO!

One night there was a knock on Brad’s door… it was his next door nieghbor, Steve Gwinnup, who was in a band called the Catdaddies that practiced in the room overlooking Brad’s back yard. They had just said goodbye to their bass player and drummer and wondered if he would come jam with them on bass. That was 2004 and for some reason he’s still the CBG (current bass guy) and once again is playing songs by the Doors, the Stones and the Beatles… it’s must be the circle of rock.